Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Baby Story

Last I wrote we were in the procedure room waiting to try to flip Grace. Little did I know that within that hour or so Grace would be born.

So, here is how the rest of the story goes...

Dr. Wells arrives starts the ultrasound to ensure Grace is still breech and to figure out where her head was and the other parts (booty, back, feet, etc). Next Dr. Nelson arrived, Dr. Wells' partner assisting). They review everything and get started.

Dr. Nelson takes the booty and Dr. Wells takes the head. They start trying to reposition her and she is not moving. They check the ultrasound again and do not like the heartbeat they see. They hook the other monitor back up and still do not like the heartbeat they see. Dr. Wells calmly explains what is going on and that they need to take Grace right then, emergency c section. She explained how I would not have a epidural, instead it would be done under general anesthesia. With that means no dad in the room like a normal c section.

All of this transpired within 20 minutes - start of the flipping procedure to the time Grace was born. To look back and reflect on this just amazes me. The doctors and nurses at Thomas Hospital were quick to act and take care if us. There were 21 people in the OR helping deliver Grace and ensuring we were both taken care of.

The worst part for Brad - not being able to go with me. He said it was the mist helpless he had ever felt.

The best part for Brad - hearing Grace's cry from the hallway. As Sion as she was born he was able to go with get down to the nursery and do all the normal stuff like bath.

The worst part for me - waking up in recovery in the worst pain I have ever experienced. Apparently there is a big difference between a planned and emergency c section. I am not a fan either way. I also did not like that it was hours after her birth before I was able to hold my baby. This was not because of the hospital but because of the surgery I just had.

The best part for me - hearing that Grace was ok and knowing that Brad was with her.

Paige was at school during the bulk of this and we had arranged for Brad's cousin to pick her up if we could not. She was able to meet Grace about 8:30 that night along with all of her grandparents who made the sudden trip down. The grandparents were prepared to come but per our directions were still in Huntsville when it all happened. Neither brad nor myself expected her to make such an entrance that afternoon.

I am so thankful for our family for jumping in the car and being there for us. I know we could not have made it this weekend without their help - between watching Paige, getting the final touches for Grace done and taking care of our house overall.

And with that Happy Birthday Grace and welcome home!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012


Long time no blog. I just added the blogger app to my phone do I wanted to see how it worked.

Right now I am laying in a hospital bed waiting to have a version done on our sweet little baby, Grace. What this means is she is breech and we are going to try to flip her. I am not sure if this will work but we figure it is worth a try.

Okie doke. The doctor should be here soon!