Monday, August 31, 2009

Pregnancy Brain

I have heard this term for awhile, about how your brain turns to mush when you get pregnant. Some even say it stays mush after the baby comes. Well, I have definitely had my "pregnant moments" here recently.

The first happened a few weeks ago. I was driving to work on my normal route and made a complete wrong turn. That wrong turn just so happened to be a one way street and I was the one going the wrong way! Luckily, there were no other cars and I was able to back out (the street was too narrow to turn around) on to the busy 3 lane street. The Lord was definitely with me during this pregnancy moment.

The second happened yesterday morning. I made Brad coffee like I normally do, or so I thought. Poor thing, when Brad went to pour his coffee there was no coffee, just hot water. Yes, that is right, I forgot to add the coffee!

Has anyone else had an experience like this? Y'all all know I do crazy things all the time - refer to my April shower story - but both of these things seemed way out there, even for me.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Shopping this weekend was semi-successful. I went out Saturday afternoon all ready to find the perfect outfit. I just knew NY & Company would have what I needed. That is until I remembered they don't have petites. I tried on one of the jackets and it swallowed me whole. So, on to Ann Taylor Loft to see if they had any suit jackets. No such luck there - way too casual. I did find this dress and it may work with my old jacket. What do you think? I tried on the on the old jacket last night and it will do for the little time I need it. The one thing I am not sure about is if the material of the dress will go with the jacket. I asked the girl at the store and she seemed to think it looked ok.

Later, Brad and I went to Khols and JC Penny's. Penny's has petites so if this does not work I can always go back there. Khols had some really cute stuff, just not appropriate for an interview.

I have another skirt that may go with the jacket I already have. So, if I find a cute/appropriate top they may work as well.

Any thoughts?

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I have an interview coming up here in the next week or so and I need something to wear! So, what color suit would you recommend? I have decided I want to go either the skirt or pants route - no dress - even though dresses are my best friends these days. Should I do a classic black suit, charcoal gray, or khaki/tan?
Then, what color top should I pair with this suit? Since the interview will be in September I can go more with the fall colors but I don't want to be too dark. Do I go with a solid top or a printed top? Any ideas???
Do you have any suggestions where I could find suit attire? Ann Taylor Loft is a one of my favorites but I think it may be too casual. Then there is regular Ann Taylor but I don't want to spend the money on something I may not wear again (let's hope I get back to my old size after baby comes). I think my best bet may be NY and Company, maybe Kohls and maybe Penny's. Where else could I go? I am open to anything and must do my shopping this weekend (I heard through the grapevine that the interviews could be as early as next week).
Thanks for your thoughts!

Family Time

Last weekend Brad and I met my mom and Bill in Gulf Shores. We had a great time visiting, relaxing on the beach, and eating yummy food and we could not have asked for better weather. One funny thing - Brad and I did not get in the water the entire time we were there. That is the ocean and the pool. We were both lazy and sat in our beach chairs all day long; it was wonderful!

At Sea-N-Suds, one of our favorites

(Other favorites we visited were Doc's Seafood Shack and Tacky Jacks 2)

Monday we came back to our house and finished out our time together. Momma is always so good to take pictures of the dogs. I thought it would be fun to include a few of those...

Our little ham, Madi, posing on the back porch

Ellie sitting with me on the porch

Family picture before work Tuesday

Random pregnancy question - did anyone else ever have people ask you if you were wearing a maternity shirt? Take the one above as an example. I have had this top for over a year now and haven't been pregnant during that year, but that day at work someone asked me if it was a maternity top. Part of me is thinking, "Do I need to be in a maternity top? Am I that big?", and the other part of me knows this lady is just excited for me and probably wants me to be in a maternity top. This was not the first day this was asked about my clothes. Who knew that half of my closet looked like maternity clothes!

First Trimester Update

I have now entered my 2nd trimester - wahoo! It is actually kind of hard to believe. I feel like it was just yesterday that we were finding out our little one was on the way.

Here are few highlights of the first trimester -

* The first appointment was amazing. I never realized you could see and hear the heartbeat of such a small being. I don't know how someone could have an abortion after seeing that.

* Thankfully, I did not get sick once. My mom was never sick with me so I figure we have it in the genes.

* My only complaints are headaches and lower back pain. If that is all I have, I am doing great!

* I have gained a little weight. It came on sooner than I expected, but the doctor said I looked good and I did not need to worry. Sounds good to me! I am still exercising a couple of times a week so maybe it will even itself out.

* I went through the tired phase and am pretty much out of it I think.

* Little things annoy me. This is actually kind of funny. Stuff that didn't annoy me too bad before really get to me now, especially at work.

* Brad has been wonderful to take care of me. When I was exhausted he did everything around the house. Cooking, cleaning, you name it he did it. He is going to be a wonderful daddy!!

Our next appointment is a week from tomorrow and at the appointment after that we get to find out the sex of the baby - how exciting! I hope the 2nd trimester goes as well as the first!

A couple of days after we found out we were pregnant

14 Weeks

Monday, August 17, 2009

Another Year Older

Happy Birthday Brad!!! This is actually coming a day late - sorry! Brad is another year older and is one year closer to the big 3-0.

To celebrate, we had dinner Saturday night at the Origingal Oyster House on the Causeway. Then last night Jamie and Ella came over for pizza and dessert. Normally we would have cake but this year Brad would not tell me anything in particular he wanted. So, I made a variety of desserts for him to choose from. They included double doozie cookies, peanut butter kisses, lemonade pie, and peach cobbler. YUMMY!!!! I don't know who enjoyed it more.

Brad wouldn't let me take any pictures - that little stinker! I may have to surprise him tonight and get some post birthday pics.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Smell of Victory

We hope that is what we will be smelling this football season! It is hard to believe that football season is just around the corner and we are so excited. Since graduating almost 6 years ago we have made it a priority to have season tickets and this year is no different. In fact, this year we got 5 tickets instead of our normal 2. 3 of the tickets are in our normal Tigers Unlimited seats and the other 2 are faculty tickets (we have no clue where they are yet - upper deck I would assume).

With all that being said, we have 2 to 3 extra tickets that we would like to sell. Brad's family has first dibs, but if anyone else is interested or know someone who may be just let me know. We would like to sell them at face value and we should know the location of the faculty tickets before the season begins (the Tigers Unlimited seats are not changing - they are in the end zone 2 rows from the top).

Here's the schedule:

September 5th: LA Tech
September 12th: MS State
September 19th: West Virginia
September 26th: Ball State
October 17th: Kentucky
October 31st: Ole Miss
November 7th: Furman
November 27th: Alabama **

**I am 99.9% sure someone in the Wright family will be using these**

War Eagle!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Message in the Sand

A Year in Review

This post may be a little long, sorry. Brad and I just celebrated our one year moving anniversary! It is hard to believe we have been living in Mobile/Daphne for a year. I thought it would be fun to do a short list of the things we like down here, the things we miss about Huntsville, and some pictures to go along with it.

Things we miss about Huntsville...

1) Friends and Family - I knew I would miss our friends and family but I didn't realize I would miss them this much.

2) Some of the restaurants - i.e. Steak Out, Chili's, Carrabba's. There is a Chili's, Carrabba's, etc. in Mobile, but that is 45 minutes from our house. Brad and I used to love Chili's takeout or Steak Out delivery.

3) Our church, Willowbrook - we have visited a bunch of churches but have not been able to find "the one". Willowbrook and our Sunday School class will always hold a special place in our hearts.

4) My job - you don't know how good you have it until you leave it. I truly believe my old office was the best place to work. I thoroughly enjoyed the job and loved the people even more.

5) The grocery store being 5 minutes away - I know this sounds really silly, but Publix used to be 5 minutes from our house and very easy to get to on our way home from work. It takes me 15 to 20 minutes to get to any grocery store and they are somewhat easy to get to on the way home. Publix was also a one-stop shop. None of the grocery stores down here carry everything I like to buy (i.e. O'Charlie's Low Fat Honey Mustard or Velveeta 2% or Low Fat Martha White muffins, just to name a few).

Things we like about Mobile/Daphne

1) We love being close to the beach!! We are beach bums through and through and have tried to take advantage of being so close.

2) The food - we love seafood and it can't get any better than down here. Whether you are in Mobile, on the Causeway, in Daphne or in Orange Beach, it is all good. We keep saying we are going to go to one of the fish markets and try something new but we haven't done it yet.

3) The weather - while it gets a little hot during July and August, it's nothing a dip in the pool won't fix. Spring and Fall are great too...not too warm, not too cool, just right.

4) Brad's job - Brad is really enjoying his job. I am so thankful that he likes it! The job is definitely keeping him busy, but I think he likes being busy.

5) Visitors - I love having visitors! We have had friends and family come for the weekend, stop by on their way home from the beach, or we meet them at the beach. I love it!!!

2836 Willowick Trail - Leaving Huntsville

The one picture of our apartment

Football season with friends

Off to NYC

Getting our sweet Madi Sue

Our first season of Mardi Gras

A visit from the Wright's

Visiting with my dad and family

A fun visit with the Eckley's

Getting some sun with the Reed's

Celebrating of 5 year anniversary

At the beach with the McNabb's

Enjoying a sunset in Key West

I can't believe it has been a year - time flies when you're having fun!