Sunday, February 21, 2010

We Survived

We survived the first night, with the help of Ellie and Madi of course

We survived the first visit with the Pediactrician

She weighed 6.1 and will go back this Thursday for her 2 week check-up.

We survived our first full day together.

Paige was appropriately dressed for the Order of the Polka Dots parade on Fat Tuesday.

We survived the dirty diapers, including the exploding ones.

(dirty diapers don't matter when you look this cute!)

We survived our first visitors.

Lauren and Janet, coworkers of mine, came to visit during lunch one day.

We survived countless photo sessions (you have to have one everyday, right?), including one with a real photographer, which wore all 5 of us out!

We survived the 2 am feedings (and the 3 am, and the 5 am).

We survived the family time (and loved every minute of it).

We survived the snuggling.

We survived the sweet smiles.

We survived the sweet little laughs.

We survived this sweet bundle of joy.

We survived Paige's first week home and can't wait to see what this week has in store!

Birthday Wishes


Brad, LeeAnn, Paige, Ellie and Madi

Friday, February 19, 2010

Going Home

As you can tell, I am a little behind on posting pictures, but I figure it is better late than never. Saturday we were discharged from the hospital and got to go home!!

When we found out we were pregnant Brad told me he wanted his son or daughter to come in an AU jersey or cheerleader outfit. They don't make newborn sizes for cheerleaders but I found this dress which became the next best thing. It is a little big on her right now - she looked cute anyway! Daddy and daughter match!

The guys with the cigars (thanks Uncle Max). Grandad, there is one left for you!

We made it to the car! It was a somewhat surreal feeling checking out of the hospital. I was wheeled out and had Paige in my lap - so neat!

We drove up to the sweet mailbox decorations.

Then we were greeted with a bottle of Don Perignon from Jamie and Matt (probably the only time we will see this! Thank you Jamie and Matt!!)

Our cutie pie

The whole family

The dogs are doing great with Paige! Brad and I are relieved and so happy that they are adjusting well. We didn't know what to expect but both sweet puppies care so much for their sister. When she cries they come running almost with a look of, "do something momma". It is just so sweet!!

Paige's homecoming was so special and I am so glad she is here!

Paige's First Day

Paige's first day was filled with all sorts of fun. After spending the night in the nursery, she spent the day with us in the room. The day went by quickly as we visited with grandparents and family.

My day started by receiving these beautiful roses from Brad.
Pa-Paw and Paige

Jamie with Paige

Paige in her AU outfit (given by Uncle Jonathan) with Papa Joe

If you look really hard you will see it is snowing! Palm trees and snow!!

Uncle Justin, Aunt Christina, and Paige

The wreath Aunt Joanna made for Paige

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Amazing...the only words to describe February 11th, 2010. Our sweet baby girl, Emily Paige, made her entrance to this world at 3:34 pm, weighing 6 lbs, 10 oz and 19 1/2 inches long.
The entire day was absolutely amazing - here are a few pictures to take you through our day.

Here we are getting ready to leave for the hospital. We had to be there at 6 am, so I was at 3:45 am, ready to get the day started.

Here we are in our labor and delivery room after we got checked in and hooked up to all the do-dads. Checking in and getting hooked seemed to be the hardest part of the day. Turns out my doctor sent the paperwork over as Janet Wright and I filled out everything as Janet LeeAnn Wright. The check-in lady didn't think I had pre-registered. After we got new arm bands and stickers we were good to go. Brad and I both joked that maybe we needed to change Paige's name. Oh well, too late now! Getting the IV hooked up was not fun either. It took 3 tries to finally get one in and I only almost passed out once (on try #2). The nurses told me that the IV would probably be the worst part of the day and they were right.

My mom and me. We are lucky she and Bill got down here. DC was going through one of their worst blizzards and they almost didn't make it here (they got out on the one day they could!). It meant so much to me to have here there!! This picture was taken after I received the epidural - the best invention ever! I had about one hour of real pain/contractions I could feel and that was enough for me. On a different note - do you see the monitor to the right of my mom? It was so neat - you could see the other mommas in labor. Well, you could see their contractions and baby's heart beat. It was fun to watch because we could tell when a mom was in labor and when they were done. The morning started with 6 moms and I was the 5th to deliver.

Me and Paige moments after her birth. The whole labor process was amazing. My labor nurse, Sara, was wonderful and my doctor, Dr. Wells, was great too (even though she was there for the very end). They both made me feel at ease and made labor seem easy (as easy as labor can get).

After Paige got all cleaned up the grandparents got to come in. Paige is so lucky - all of her grandparents were there!!

Paige and Grandad

Paige and Nana

My amazing husband and amazing little girl. Brad was so amazing throughout the entire day - words can not describe how awesome he was. I could not ask for a better husband!!!! He supported me in ways I never knew possible and continues to do so as we adjust here at home. Thank you Brad, Paige is lucky to have you as her dad!

My sweet little angel at the end of our amazing day.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Just the 2 of Us

Brad and I weren't really sure how to spend our last weekend of just the 2 of us. We got a lot of good suggestions, like sleep, go to a special dinner, sleep, see a movie, sleep, sleep, and sleep.

I was off Friday so I decided I would do something for myself - a haircut and pedicure were in order! I haven't had a pedicure in so long. It was nice to sit back in the back-massaging chair while someone else took care of my toes and gave me a foot massage.

Friday night we had dinner out and went to a movie. I feel like we have become movie pros because we have gone to 5 in the past 5 months. Before that, I couldn't tell you the last time we went to a movie. We saw "The Blind Side" and it was so good! I would highly recommend it to anyone who has not seen it.

Saturday we tried to sleep in a little but it was the Saturday to take the dogs to the groomer. I am glad we did because now we have nice, clean puppies for Paige. We also ran errands for a little bit, relaxed, and then went a parade. We figured we needed to go to at least one parade and knew next weekend was out. It was in the low 40s Saturday evening and there was a strong breeze. Needless to say, we were bundled up! The only problem was that I can not wear real shoes and socks - my feet are too swollen (yay for Paige dropping!). I froze my little tootsies off - like I could really not feel my toes walking back to the car. It was fun and worth it though. The highlight of the evening was catching a box of moon pies. Yes, I said box of moon pies. The parades in Fairhope don't have as many floats but they come around twice. So, on the 2nd time around they are trying to get rid of stuff. We got a whole box of the new mint moon pies. Should be interesting to try! We also got a bunch of beads. This is a good thing because I recently found out that if you bring in a walmart sack of beads to Krispy Kreme, they will give you a dozen donuts free. YUM!!!! I am all about some donuts! We still have a ton of beads that we don't know what to do with from last year...I am thinking donuts!!

Sunday we went to church and relaxed at home. I think overall we had a great weekend and got a lot of relaxing in. It is hard to believe Paige is going to be here on Thursday! I am so excited and nervous at the same time. Excited that she is coming and nervous about labor. The labor part just does not sound very fun and we are afraid that since the pregnancy has been fairly easy, labor will be just the opposite. I am just thankful for drugs!!

Oh, and in an earlier post I said pregnancy was great. Well, my tune is starting to change, just a little. I hit week 37 and Paige ran out of room. I have been uncomfortable ever since. I decided that the 40 week thing is for the birds and I am so glad we are inducing at 38 weeks. Yay for Thursday!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

No Baby Today

I went to the doctor's office this morning. Good news is my fluid is back up to the normal range and that means no Paige today. I think we were both a little disappointed that she didn't get to come today but we both agreed that means she needed a little more development time inside.

We are still on to induce on the 11th and that is not far away at all!! The good thing about having this little scare (or should I say reality check) is that we are basically ready. Our bags are packed, Paige's bag is packed and her room is ready to go.

Now we get to figure out something fun to do this weekend. Any ideas for our last weekend of just the 2 of us?