Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cotton Pickin' Good Time

So, we are pulling out of the church parking lot and then come to an immediate stand still at the green light. Brad and I look at each other in disgust and both wonder what the problem is. Turns out there is a car pulled over taking pictures of cotton. Taking pictures of cotton? Yes, taking pictures of cotton.

In a matter of minutes we decide to be “that” car and pull ourselves over to pictures of Paige with the cotton.

Gotta love the impromtu photo ops!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Animal Flash Cards

While we were gone to Las Vegas Paige started to learn the different animals on her animal flash cards.  Before we left she knew peacock and duck.  When we got back she knew over half of the animals.  It is too cute to watch her bring us the different animals.  We will ask, "can you bring us the xxx" and next thing you know she is bringing it to us.  I was able to setup the cards last night (throw them all over the floor) and let her bring me each one.  And, since my newest thing is uploading videos here you go!

**This is an old video but I wanted to share anyway!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Day at the Zoo

3 conferences in 3 weeks – that was the story for Brad. Nashville, Pittsburgh and Birmingham.

Birmingham – a trip we could tag along on and not get in the way too much. And that is just what we did!

While Brad attended and spoke at the conference Paige and I headed off to the zoo. We had an absolute blast! She loved looking at the animals and taking in everything the zoo had to offer (play area and train included). We both were having such a great time we totally lost track of time and missed lunch and nap time – those are the best kinds of days!

Checking out the zebras.

There was a neat play area with bongo drums for the kids to play.  She loved it!

Such a big girl on the train!  She wouldn't sit in my lap and wanted to do everything herself!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Girl Time

I am going to do a little back tracking – mainly because I want to remember our happenings chronologically.

I feel like you hear about these great mother-daughter weekends, getting to do all these fun things, in fact, this was one of the things I dreamed of when I found out we were having a girl. In my mind I had all these great things planned for Paige and me when Brad went to Nashville. Well, poor baby got sick and we were stuck inside all weekend.

Lucky us, we had an opportunity to make up our girls’ weekend. Brad headed to Pittsburgh and we got our girl time! Our weekend was full and fun. We spent most of our time just hanging out and enjoying our time together. Some of the highlights included a little shopping, playing – inside and out, and indulging in yummy cupcake snacks (one for each day of course!).

And now for some pictures to help me remember the good weekend!

My little helper wanting to feed the dogs.  She is now tall enough to get their food out of the pantry and really wants to help.  Little does she know, Ellie and Madi are fed before she gets up.  I guess it is a win/win when the doggies get a little extra on mornings like this.

Talking to Nanny.

This cracks me up - anytime I am on the phone, doesn't matter who I am really talking with, Paige thinks it is Nanny.  I don't really understand this because I don't talk to Nanny that often when I am around Paige (it is normally in the car on the way to and from work).  Well, at this particular moment, Paige found my phone and she was "talking" to Nanny.  I love it!

Sunday morning cuteness!

I don't know who was more proud at this point.  I got her dressed, hair and bow included, had time for pictures and was only 2 minutes late for church.

Our last adventure for the weekend was spending some time at the playground.  I got some cute pictures but blogger is not letting me upload.  Until next time...

Monday, October 17, 2011


Paige is really into singing her ABCs right now and it is so cute!  I just had to get it on video so we will remember her sweet little voice singing this sweet song.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

September, where did you go?

September is gone and October is here!!  It is hard to believe that September came and went so quickly!!

I didn't get to blog much during September because I was bogged down at work with fiscal yearend (yearend = me.  I have to make sure we are able to close out the old fiscal year and open the new one.  Everyone in my office works a little extra to make sure things run smoothly). 

But, we did get to do a few fun things that I didn't get to mention...

We attended a Daphne High School football game.  Auburn has a committment from one the guys on Daphne's team so we had to go and check him out.  Paige was appropriately dressed in her purple and yellow, ready to cheer on the Trojans!  The picture is kind of funny because she sat still long enough for us to take the picture and then she was ready to move.  She and I ended up making laps at the bottom of the grandstands.

Birthday party!!  Paige got to go to a birthday party for her friend Gus.  Of course we had to wear our cupcakes!  (I had been waiting for the perfect occiasion, like this, for Paige to wear this!)

And just because it is funny -
Paige got her first credit card offer.  We didn't see that one coming when she was only a year old!

To celebrate finishing the month of September, Paige and I had a little mother/daughter outing Saturday morning.  We went shopping!!  I really enjoyed spending the time with her and it gave Brad a chance to watch uninterrupted football.  Sounds like a win/win to me!

While we were waiting to check out Paige wanted something to play with.  At first she wanted my wallet, but I knew that wasn't a good idea.  So, I pulled out a pair of gym socks (clean!)  and thought she would just hold them.  Um, no.  She proceeded to take off her shoes and put the socks on.  It was too funny!  I tried to get her shoes back on but she liked the way she looked so we just left it.

I had my turn in September for staying busy and it looks like October is Brad's month.  Hopefully, I will not be a stranger to the blog and I can do better.