Tuesday, September 25, 2012

1 Month!!

Happy 1 month birthday Grace!!

It is hard to believe it has been one month since you made your surprise entrance!

This month has been fun and full of adjustment.  It is funny to me how much we don't remember about Paige's first month. It is a good thing we have the blog to keep the memories.  It has definitely been a motivator for me to get back to the blog.

So, back to Grace -

You weigh 8 lbs 3 oz and are 21 inches long; it is about time to move you up in clothes and diapers. You are wearing newborn clothes and newborn diapers.

We are not into a complete feeding routine but that is to be expected. You are eating every 3 hours during the day and doing whatever youwant at night. We have gone 5.5 hours between feedings at night and hope this becomes a more regular thing.

Sleep - hmmm. You sleep good when you are being held (who doesn't at this age!) and the rest of the time it just depends.  During the day you sleep in the bouncy seat or in something like that and at night you are in your crib or anywhere we can put you (car seat, arms, bouncy seat, wherever).

This past month has seemed jam-packed but in reality it probably hasn't.  Your first football season is underway.  Auburn has missed the memo that you were born.  The year Momma and Daddy got married (2004) and the year your sister was born (2010) Auburn was undefeated.  This season should have turned out the same way but like I said, the team missed the memo.  Surprise entrances tend to throw people off - hehe. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Stop, Drop, and Roll

The last unit Paige learned about at school was Community Helpers.  This included firemen and what to do when there is a fire.

Here is what she learned...

It is amazing to me that she knows they are supposed to come if there is an emergency!  Kids are little sponges and learn so much so quickly!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Part Time & Cookies

Monday, Paige started in the part time program at her school.  I thought I would be like all the other moms and get a picture on her first day in the new class (since I didn't do it before).  She is sporting a new AU outfit that I have been trying to get her in for 3 weeks now - either on Friday or Saturday and she just wouldn't have it.  This Monday works though - I will take it!
After school she and Nanny made some yummy pumpkin cookies (recipe from Pinterest).  She is really into helping in the kitchen these days and we thought this would be fun for Paige and Nanny!

Enjoying the melting chocolate kiss

The look on each of their faces is just too cute!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Theatrical Reading

While we were in the hospital having Grace, Nanny and PaPaw stayed with Paige at the house.  We were lucky enough to have Nanny and Paige put on a little show for us - a theatrical reading of 'Pete the Cat and his 4 Groovy Buttons".  I tried to read it like Nanny but just didn't do it the same.  So, when Nanny came down this week I knew it was something I needed to get on video. 

Here goes...

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Paige had a check list every day last week that went something like this -

1) Go to school

2) Don't cry

3) Get a pony

You see, the previous week she cried and pitched a fit every day she was left.  We are talking embarassing!  So, she and Daddy were at Walmart getting a birthday party gift and she saw some My Little Ponies that she wanted.  Daddy was on top of it and told her that if she didn't cry when he dropped her off at school the next week.  We weren't really sure if it would but boy did it!  She cracked me up one afternoon when all of a sudden she listed out her to-do's - go to school, don't cry, get a pony.  She knew exactly what she had to do! 

She did an awesome job so Friday afternoon Daddy picked her up and took her to get her pony.  She was too cute bringing them home and was so proud - we were too!  And yes, we are not above bribing if it gets to her to school and makes our life a little easier.

She was so proud with her ponies!

The ponies got to play at the dollhouse.  I love seeing her imagination come to life!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Songs to Warm Your Heart

Jesus Loves Me


I've Got The Joy

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Appointments and Visitors

As I am getting back into the swing of blogging, I have realized I am not good at coming up with titles.  Oh well, I guess it is better to have something posted than a glamorous title.

I was lucky enough to have Brad home with me all last week.  It ended up being a great thing and he was a great help (as always!).  He was my chaueffer and errand runner all week.  Having a c-section just isn't much fun for someone who likes to do things on their own, or at least someone who likes to share the workload.  I always knew we were a team but these past 2 weeks have just proved that much more because the poor guy was run ragged.

Anyway - some of the highlights of the week included Grace getting to go to the doctor.  The doctor told us we needed to feed her every 3 hours, no matter what, until she reached her birth weight.  I was bound and determined that would happen by this appointment because I wanted to let her sleep as long as she could at night.  With great aniticipation Brad put her on the scale and she weighed 6 lb, 9 oz - wahoo!  She exceeded her birth weight!  Not much else to report from the appointment.  One thing I didn't remember them doing with Paige, although I am sure they did, was the heel prick where they had to get a bunch of blood for a bunch of tests.  Poor baby was not a fan (who would be!).

Other highlights included some visits.  We only got pictures with a few (shame on us), but I am glad we did get them.

Mother Hen Madi with Baby Grace

Relaxing after the appointment

Two of my coworkers, Ashley and Lauren, were able to break away from work for a short visit.  Lauren was the source of many of my maternity clothes this go around.  Thank you Lauren!!

Aunt Mar and Aunt Susie visiting with Baby Grace.
This week is my first week really by myself and I am enjoying it.  Grace is slowly starting to wake up more and for the most part is pretty content with that.  She is still getting used to things and likes to be awake for a couple of hours between 9 and 2 each night.  I know over time we will get this figured out.  What is bad, is that neither of us can remember what kind of sleeping habits Paige had at the beginning.  I also have enjoyed having a reason to get ready in the mornings.  When I was working I would see the moms dropping off or picking up their kids in their gym clothes with no make up on and here I was in my nice work clothes.  So, I have made an effort each day to look nice when I pick up Paige (may not look that nice at home, but that is ok).  Yay for being able to get out of the house!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor Day Fun

Most of our Labor Day was spent outside enjoying the pool for what could be the last time of the season.  Paige and Daddy swam while I was in charge of the camera and Grace.
It is funny to me how Paige grew to love the pool over the summer. At the very beginning she didn't want to get in at all and now she loves it!
Paige floating - major step here as last year we could barely keep her legs down while she was on her back.

She loved jumping with Daddy

Pushing Daddy under

And saying hi to Momma and Baby Grace.

It is a good thing we have a bunch of swimsuits for her because everytime she had to go potty we had to go in and change her swimsuit because she did not want to wear a wet one after pulling it down.  We had 4 wardrobe changes Monday!

Another favorite of her's is to jump from the side in.  She likes to count and has recently changed her counting scheme - 1, 2, Blast Off!  Too cute!  You have to love the hand motions that go along with the counting as well.


And this sweety could not be left out!  She chilled on the porch while everything else was going on around her.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Sunday we took it easy (as if we hadn't been doing that the past week - ha!).

Highlights of the day included Paige and Daddy swimming - trying to get in the last few times before it gets too cold.  I don't know who has enjoyed it more this summer!

Paige hasn't been the biggest fan of having her picture taken here lately (even before Grace).  We have been working on it and she actually let us take her picture with Daddy and Grace.

Grace with a paci. 
You may be wondering why we took a picture of this.  It seemed like it took us forever to find a paci for Paige.  She wanted one but just wouldn't take it.  Amazingly, Grace took the first one we gave her and did it like a champ.

The most exciting part of the day came when Paige ASKED to hold Grace!  She hadn't ever held her before and when we talked about it, it was always us asking her if she wanted to hold her.  Paige was all about it and now wants to hold her all the time.  So exciting!

Check Up Time

Last week we had Grace's first check up.  Overall it went pretty good.  She was still at 5 lb 14 oz, the weight she left the hospital at.  The doctor did not seem too concerned, probably because we are going back this week.

Resting with Daddy

It was nice for me to actually get out of the house and have a reason to put make up on and fix my hair.

Madi is such a little momma.  She loves to snuggle up close to Grace, just like she did with Paige.

Had to capture our "breech baby" picture.  Grace keeps getting her foot from out beneath the swing bar. 

And we can't leave big sister out!

Monday, September 3, 2012

AU vs Clemson

My how things change when you have a two and half year old and a newborn.  From starting the day with Game Day and ending with the AU/Clemson game, things just weren't like they had been in the past.  I have a feeling having a 2 1/2 year old has a lot to do with it but throwing a newborn in the mix doesn't really help things.

Here's how things have changed...the 2 year old running back and forth between her playroom and the den pushing her dump truck at only one speed - fast!


Paige is doing great trying to play with Grace and sharing the toys

Jumping with Daddy 
Brad started to get frustrated with a play and was jumping around.  Next thing you know Paige was in the den jumping so they jumped together.

Paige really got into the family pictures.  Probably like most kids she loved looking at them each time after we took one.

In true dramatic Paige fashion she was sad that Auburn had lost!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Spirit Day

Friday was wear your school colors - so of course Paige was ready to go!

Paige was eager to show Grace all of the family.

And she can't be left out even though she isn't in our team colors!