Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wedding Time

We trekked up to Huntsville for the weekend and the main reason for this trip was for my step-sister's, Joanna, wedding.  Joanna was so sweet and asked Paige to be her flower girl.  All along the way Joanna reassured me that it would be ok if Paige didn't have the flower girl thing down pat.  What a relief!

We practiced and practiced at home preparing for the big day.  The practice turned out to be kind of funny.  How do you explain what is going to happen to a 2 year old?  I tried and we got it down for the most part - except that she wanted to pick up the flowers each time after we finished.  I tried to explain that the flowers were how Aunt Joanna was going to find Uncle Joe and that is why she needed to leave them.  I even tried to be Aunt Joanna and walk over the flowers after she threw them but she was too insistent on picking them up.  How do you tell a child who is learning to pick up (and doing pretty well with it) to not pick up??  We told her she could since it was practice but she would need to ask Aunt Joanna at the wedding since she was the bride.

Well, it was rehearsal time.  Paige got a little stage fright and I walked with her down the aisle.  She was also more interested in sitting on the steps instead of standing with the rest of the bridal party.  Part of the deal was she was supposed to walk to Uncle Jonathan and during practice we would give him five.  At rehearsal she would have no part of that so poor Uncle Jonathan had to resort to M&Ms and they didn't even work during the wedding.

Fast forward to the wedding...she didn't want to walk, throw flowers or really do any of her flower girl duties.  I walked with her, threw a few flowers hoping to encourage her, and she goes straight to pick them up.  Then she wants to go back up the stairs we just came down instead of proceeding down the aisle.  At that point I knew it was time to pick her up and let the bride have her moment.

The rest of the evening was very enjoyable. We had a fabulous sit down dinner with cake and dancing!

Practicing her dance moves before the wedding

Enroute - the path that was taken for a good hour, back and forth, back and forth

My dance partner during the Cha Cha Slide

The only picture we have of the bride and groom - how sad, we need to do better!

Monday, April 9, 2012

First Haircut

The "firsts" for Paige have been dwindling for some time now, but we finally had her first haircut this weekend!  We asked our friend Heather to do the honors at her salon because we knew she would do a great job.


All Smiles!

The wonderful assistant, Skyler!
I really don't think Paige would have been as good as she was if it was for his entertainment.


Thank you, Heather, for doing such a great job on Paige's first haircut!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

No Sleep for the Weary

Since we got back from our Christmas get-away Paige's sleep habits have not been the same.  Right before Christmas is when she crawled out of her crib and we switched to the toddler bed so I am not sure if it is the time away from "normal" or just the invitable. 

Before: Read a story, say our prayers, put her in bed, leave the room and she was good to go.  Easiest thing ever - she would talk to herself as she fell asleep but it was all on her own.

After: Bedtime was a fight.  It was up to 2 hours of struggling to get her to lay down and go to sleep.  We finally had it down to 15 to 30 mintues by the end of January and then February I went out of town for a week for work and she decided it would be fun to get up in the middle of the night and greet us.  This would occur anywhere between 1 am and 5 am - fun stuff.

This was our norm until 2 weeks ago.  We made the decision it was time for her big girl bed (full bed) and this was a GREAT decision!  We still have to lay down with her to fall alseep but it normally doesn't take too long and we have a comfortable place to lay (sure beats the floor!) and, knock on wood, she hasn't gotten up in the middle of the night.

The routine is so cute now.  We read her favorite book, "Henry" (I forget the real name), turn out the light, say our prayers, turn on our music and attempt to go to sleep.  This normally involves some tossing and turning and eventually she ends up putting her around me and the other arm around Pooh.  This has worked out pretty well for me because I get a short nap while waiting for her to go sleep.  I think one of my favorite parts is how I will close my eyes and when I open them there she is, right up in my face, eyes wide open.  I can't help but start laughing.

Last time in her crib!

Helping Daddy put together the new bed.

So, we were all about the convertible crib, as you can see, until we put the mattress on.  It was way too high!  So, for now we just have a bed frame and we are using my old comfortable from college because the comforter I ordered is on back order.  The bed not working out was kind of frustrating because it is a good bed.  We did find a positive in that we may use the crib for baby-on-the way.

Monday, April 2, 2012

All is Well

All is well in the Wright household.  Not too much really going on.  I have been neglecting the blog and wanted to make sure I got a few posts about this pregnancy.

I am now 17 weeks - time has really flown by.  It feels like yesterday we were just finding out we were pregnant!  I went to the doctor Friday and everything seems well...not much to report (which I guess is a good thing, but I don't know if we would really know if there is anything wrong when all they do is ask how you are feeling and get the baby's heartrate).  Speaking of heartrate, it was 154 this time.  Last time it was 159 and the time before that it was in the 180s (can't remember if it was 180 or 188).  The next appointment is April 17th and this is the big one where we find out the gender.  Wahoo!  I think finding out the gender makes things more real.  We are the type of people who don't pick out names or work on the nursery until we know what we are having.

Let's see, what else...the first trimester was filled with a little nausea and a lot of tiredness.  I could pretty much make it through the day and then crash at night.  This was a little different than Paige because I was never sick, just had headaches and back pain.  I attribute the back pain to my hips widening and let's face it, I don't really want them to get any bigger.  The headaches have come during the 2nd trimester this go around.  With Paige I was hungry all the time; this go around not so much.  It could be that I am eating more or at least eating small meals/snacks throughout the day trying to prevent hunger since I know that is what happened last time.  Cravings...the cravings and aversions have been the same.  Bring on the fruity desserts.  Last time the desserts were a little healthier (healthy dessert - is that an oxymoron?) in that I wanted things like banana pudding or strawberry pretzel salad.  This time bring on the cake.  I bought a lemon cake mix while I was at the store the other day just because it sounded good and I am going to try out a new pinterest strawberry cake this week (this will also be my first experience with greek yogurt).

I am definitely showing now.  People always said you would show sooner with your 2nd and boy were they right.  I think it is because I had 27 years to prepare my body for my first pregnancy and this time I only had 2 years.  The abs just aren't like they used to be - ha - and it is totally worth it!

I don't know that Paige gets what is exactly going on but I think it will be easier to talk with her about it once we know the gender.  It will be a lot easier to pray for baby sister or baby brother specifically by name, instead of the big long phrase "baby brother or baby sister".

I am normally not into pics of myself but, since we got one the other day I thought I would share.