Friday, December 25, 2009

And we will call her...

We finally picked at name!! I am so excited! I had wanted a name picked out by December 1st, but that did not happen. Her name is...

Emily Paige and we will call her Paige

Paige is a name we both like and couldn't make it work as a first name. So, she will be like me and so many others on my side of the family who go by their middle name (my grandmom Lois, step brothers Brett and Max, and nephew Wheeler...I am sure there are others). Emily is a name we like and comes from Brad's grandmother, his dad's side. I just learned that her first name was Emily back at the family reunion in March - she went by her middle name too (Aula). She was such an amazing woman and we both loved her so much.

How we arrived at Emily Paige...well, we narrowed it down to Mallory Paige, call her Mallory, or Emily Paige, call her Paige. Last week I thought I am going to look up what these names mean one more time just to see. Well, to my surprise Mallory meant unlucky and unfortunate. Our sweet baby girl is neither of those so that name was out! Then after reassuring ourselves that going by your middle name was ok, we settled on Emily Paige.

Yay! I am so glad that we have a name and that Paige will be here soon!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Week - Part 1

We are spending the week in Huntsville. Brad and I both love Christmas and both love spending it with family and friends. Since we moved, we try to use Christmas as a time to cram as many things in as we can.

Our Christmas tree in Daphne
Our tree doesn't have all the presents under it because we sent a lot of them back with my dad last weekend. But, we had enough to cover the tree skirt and get a good picture. We left Daphne Sunday and had dinner with Brad's family Sunday evening - yummy homemade chicken and noodle soup (courtsey of my mother-in-law). Brad's grandparents were there along with Justin and Christina.
Monday we got to see our optometrist, Jennifer. She has been a life-long friend and it was great to see her. I call her "our" optometrist but I don't really go to see her about eyes. I tag along so we can visit and catch up. She is always so thorough and Brad found out he can have lasik done if he to find the time and money. That evening we had dinner with the Blount's and Ready's (Rebecca's sisters tagged along. They were visiting to help care for Katie Lane as Rebecca went back to work. They are the sweetest sisters!). Here we are at Jason's Deli - I love that place!! This was also my first time to meet Billy and Rebecca's sweet Katie Lane. I was ready to take her with us from the moment I layed eyes on her.

Kevin, Susan, Billy, Brad, me, Rebecca and Katie Lane

Brad, me and Katie Lane - I got to hold her most of the evening!
Tuesday was filled with running errands and eating lunch with my dad and Donna. We got to eat at Rosie's. Brad and I love that place and miss it so much!! That night we had dinner with some more friends. Emily just had Kate in the middle of November so we went to their house to make it easy.
Matt, Kate, Emily, Ben, me and Brad

Jennifer (the best eye doctor ever!), Jonathan, Caroline, me and Brad

All the girls, including the one still in the belly!
Emily, Kate, me, Caroline, and Jennifer
Wednesday we enjoyed brunch with Brad's parents and Justin and Christina. That night we met Andrew and Lisa for dinner at a new restaurant, Cheddars. If you haven't been here you need to go! Their menu has so many choices and it is so affordable! Brad and I ate for under $20 and had leftovers.

Andrew, Lisa, me and Brad

Lisa and me

As I write this I realize we took zero pictures of us with our families! We will be changing that as we see them over the next few days! Today is Christmas Eve. We are going to church then over to Brad's grandparents' to celebrate. It should be fun!

Ben - this one's for you!

Last week my friend Emily was reading the blog with her 2 year old son Ben. He asked his momma where all the pictures were. So, Ben, this is for you - a bunch of random pictures from the past few months!

Dinner with Dustin, Heather and Skyler

We met them in Pensacola one evening in October. Poor Skyler slept through the whole thing.

Me and Emily at the AU/KY game (I don't know why this pictures is smaller)

Me and Brad at the AU/KY game.

Brad and me after the 4d ultrasound. They gave us a bunny with our baby's heartbeat - so neat!!

The Wright's before the AU/AL game - War Eagle!

Friday, December 18, 2009

10 weeks and counting

We have reached the 30 week point in the pregnancy - only 10 weeks go!! I can not believe that our sweet little girl will be here in 10 weeks or less (the "or less" part is starting to sink in). I went to the doctor last week and all looked good. The most exciting part of the appointment was finding out that my doctor was 17 week pregnant. I assume she can still deliver the baby, but I already have it planned where either the doctor delivering her baby can deliver our's or her husband can; all 3 are in the same practice so I figure we are good to go.

I realized I had not updated the blog is so long! There really is just not much going on. Our December has flown by but I am not really sure with what. Brad went to Las Vegas for a pharamacy meeting the first weekend. Then he came home and is just now getting over being sick. Last weekend my dad and stepmom, Donna, came down. We had a great visit and didn't do much of anything (sorry, Dad and Donna!). The weather was just yucky and Brad wasn't feeling super so we just relaxed. We did however venture out and get the dresser for Baby Girl's room.

Yesterday we had our office Christmas lunch. This is always fun to me because we get the afternoon off after lunch. It is great to finish any last shopping I may have or finish wrapping gifts (I have 1 left to wrap!). Today is my last day work for a week and a day. I am so excited to have the time off and am excited about visiting with all of our friends and family in Huntsville.

Finally, I will leave you with this - I am so over the rain! When it rains down here it pours so I feel like it has been pouring for weeks! Just when I thought we were over it I woke up to nasty, nasty rain and then had to drive in it - yuck! Oh well, it looks like it has stopped for the day and they say the weekend is going to be nice.

Friday, December 4, 2009


I am just so excited! Back at the beginning of October Brad took this certification test. He had been studying hard but didn't feel good about it at all because September was probably the busiest month of the year for us.

But, we got the scores yesterday, and HE PASSED!!!!!! We are both just so excited and I am so proud! He is now a Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist. He doesn't get a raise or anything flashy like that, but he does get to keep his job, which is way more important than a raise and gets to have some initials after his name (BCPS).

I hope our daughter is smart like him and gets his test taking skills!!! Also, Brad, congratulations and I am just so proud of you!!