Monday, July 15, 2013


Monday, Monday! Our Mondays are quite busy because I work on Mondays (and Tuesdays). But the best part of Mondays come at 6:30 when Paige goes to gymnastics.

We enrolled her in March when we moved p here. She wasn't in preschool so we knew she needed something to do. Gymnastics was the answer! She absolutely loved it. The spring semester ended in May but we kept on going because she enjoyed it so much. The evening time can be a bit challenging with bedtime but she has had a blast!

Sporting the new leotard! First day to wear a leotard - big day here! I bought one that she picked out at target back in March when we started. It was plain black because she didn't want any sparkles. Last Monday she came home saying she wanted a leotard. I pulled the one we bought out of her closet and she asked me where te sparkles were. Lucky for her it was too small so we had toget a new one.

She didn't want to miss any of the action!
I guess Grace decided she had enough and was ready to leave as she carried her backpack towards the door!

From Show Day in May ~ 

Paige was lucky enough to have all 6 grandparents there - one of the perks of living here!

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