Thursday, November 15, 2012

Come Visit!

We love it when we have visitors!

Over the past couple of months we have been lucky to have Brad's parents and my mom and step dad come down for a couple of visits.

Nana and Papa Joe came down to the beach and they took Paige down for one night.  The girl had a blast!  Uncle Justin and Aunt Christina were there too so Paige had 4 people waiting on her hand and foot.  They said at one point the 4 adults were building a sand castle and Paige was sitting back directing (hmm...wonder where she gets that from...ha!).  Nana and Papa were able to then come and spend a couple of nights with us.


Nanny and PaPaw were able to come down 2 different weekends so Daddy could go to the Auburn games and I didn't have to spend the night by myself.  I sure appreciated the help and the company!  The first weekend we worked non-stop on different things.  Nanny helped me clean out a little then do the neighborhood garage sale while I took Paige to get her flu shot and PaPaw watched Grace.  I love organizing and have discovered I am a slight pack-rat.  I tried to clear somethings out and we made a little money.  The best part was afterwards when we took what we didn't sell to the thrift store.

We were pretty low key during their next visit.  They were able to go to the Fall Tailgate with us at church.  I think we all had a great time; I know I did!

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